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On the idea of surrealism. We all express our thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways, some truthful and others with subtle agendas. Without an outlet for either approach, our minds would fill up and overflow with a complex unintelligible dialogue about spirituality, duality, philosophy, anthropology, ecophysiology, morphology, holography, astrology, and methodology, to name a few. We communicate what is in our power to communicate instinctively and our instincts are born out of a slew of cosmic vibrations. When attempting to perform a task, while immersed in an oneiric state and allowing that vibration to drive our imagination, we arrive at a truth. The art that comes from a place of truth, is in my opinion, surrealism. There is a plethora of ways to describe surrealism, and whether it's existence is important. I believe the truth is important. If I were to attempt to paint that idea, depending on my state of mind, the results could be interpreted as outrageous by some, and profound by others.

#art #surrealismspiritualityduality #philosophy #anthropology #ecophysiology #morphologyholography #astrology #methodology

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