January 23, 2016

The Antipodes Project is a collaborative art project that Ben Tolman started. Basically, we work with 005 micron pens on 11 X 14 in pieces of Bristol paper to create super detailed weirdness! The panels are put together to create large pieces. Many very talented artists from around the world are working with together on the project, and we are still looking for more artists to contribute.

So far, the following artists have contributed something to two finished projects and/or two more in progress: Ben Tolman, Joe A. MacGown, Joseph H. MacGown, Julianne MacGown, Chloe Marsters, Marnie Pitts, Jay Garfinkle, Otto Rapp, Paulo Cunha, Pizo Meyer, Ryan Thornburg, Zachary Nolin, Reinhard Schmid, Cayung Siagan, Kris Kuksi, Maura Holden, Jon Beinart, Kuba Ambrose, Gill Perry, Rodney Gee, Phil Rubinov Jacobson, Yainseridoo, Durga, Sal Hunter, Rens Ink, David Mack, Greg Kanteres, Rick Bach, Theo Ellsworth, and Marcel Bakker. 




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